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Introducing Beetle Storm, a bike designed for the middle schooler child who loves to ride in style.


Your child will fall in love with cycling through Beetle.


This is the time when kids venture out and make friends. Healthy activities are very important to your child’s development at this stage. Cycling is an old and proven way to make new friends and get the small muscle coordination & develop new skills. All this while having lots of FUN!


This age demands a hassle-free bike, hence a single speed is ideal for this age group. The high handlebar makes the ride easy & relaxed.


At Beetle we strongly believe that style is as important as quality. We offer some seriously stylish paint jobs, something for any youngster to be super excited for all the rides. The stylish dual Black/Green color add a perfect European feel to the bike. The frame is robust, paint quality is top notch & the high handle bar adds to the comfort. We are confident that your child will fall in love with cycling through Beetle.


Beetle Storm is ideal for kids who are in the age group of 6- 11 years between 110-135 Cm


About Beetle Storm:


Beetle Bikes: We firmly believe that kids need to start their cycling journey in style and offers some of the most stylish paint jobs on their bikes. Own European style designs made available in India.

Who is it for: Beetle Storm is designed for the middle schoolers who like to ride in style. A hassle free, single speed bike ideal for the age group of 6-11 years with height of 110-135 cm.

Design: The Beetle Storm offers a fresh look with the dual Black/Green frame and bold decals. A high handlebar completes the European styling. Heigh adjustable seat and handlebar add to comfort.

Quality: Each Beetle bike undergoes more than 50 quality tests before being approved and packed for our customers. The robust frame and top notch paint quality will ensure that the bike runs for many years. Only the highest quality components are chosen to make the Beetle Bike.

Comfort: The 6-11 yr age demands comfort with style. Features like a padded saddle, ergonomically designed high handlebar, soft rubber grips and lightweight frame ensure high degree of comfort.

Strength: With a high strength, lightweight steel frame, Beetle Bikes are designed to endure the abuse rendered by a playful kid. Steel wheel rims allow for greater impact resistance on rough roads.

Safety: Beetle bikes are Ergonomically designed that are easy to balance and handle. V brakes with high quality brake pads provide additional safety.

Low Maintenance: High quality components ensure that the bike is very low maintenance. Beetle Storm is a single speed bike that is designed to be more fun and less stress.

Warranty: Comprehensive warranty of 18 months on the Frame. 100% replacement of the bike in case of any frame damage. Visit Beetle site to know more about the warranty


Why you'll fall in love with Beetle Bikes

·    Beetle is an Only-Kids brand! European Quality, made with passion and love in India.

·       A simple bike, single speed makes it easier at this age. This is all you need to have all the fun and fitness.

·       Higher handlebar makes it a comfortable ride.

·       V-brakes are easy to maintain and provide a safe ride.

·       Beetle Storm, one of its kind styling and colour that you can get in India.

·       The bike is built to last, so younger siblings can inherit this bike and it'll still feel like new.

·       Frame warranty of 18 months. 

·       Lastly, and importantly, they are very stylish to make kids feel awesome while riding.

Tech Specs of Beetle Storm:

Technical Details


The Beetle Advantage

For a very long time, Indian children have had to settle with poorly designed and heavy cycles. As a result, cycling – that kids should enjoy so much – becomes a poor and draining experience for most kids.


Beetle Bikes have now introduced attractively priced European Design and Build Quality cycles. Kids now no longer have to settle with an inferior cycling experience or design. They can now enjoy the same kinds of design elements and production qualities that much more expensive European adult bikes have long enjoyed.


Beetle Bikes are designed with the sole objective of making cycling an enjoyable experience for Indian children.


High quality saddles, carefully designed frame geometry, impact absorbing tyres, and attractive designs, make Beetle Bikes a delight for kids who are either learning to ride a bike or are wanting to take their cycling experience to the next level.


The Beetle Advantage: 18 months warranty on Frame. 100% replacement of bike in case of any damage to frame.


Correct Sizing

Make sure that you choose the right sized bike for your child. Refer to the size chart to choose the perfect bike.

Beetle bikes are designed for adjustments according to the child’s height. The seat(saddle) height can be adjusted as your child grows. The handlebar angle can also be adjusted to suit a wide range of child height and arm lengths.


About Beetle Bikes

Beetle Bikes is a Gurgaon based StartUp launched to bring high quality bikes and accessories to the Indian market. The founders are cyclists themselves having done more than 20,000 km of cycling each.


When the founders stepped out to get bikes for their kids, they were disappointed to find a range of very heavy bikes that were clearly not designed with the kids’ needs in mind. The designs were also limited to a few narrow patterns with no options to get well designed, good looking bikes.


Giving a very heavy bike to the child is as good as asking her/him to not ride a bike. How can cycling be fun for a child on a bike that probably weighs as much as 50% of their own weight? A lot of kids take a long time to learn to cycle just because the bike bought for them is heavy and unwieldy. In many cases, the child simply stops riding the bike due to the unfriendly design – leaving parents to wonder why their child is not interested in cycling.


Most bikes also did not cater to the needs of a growing child, thereby forcing parents to abandon bikes after just 1-2 years of use. Very few bikes offered warranties on their products.


This is when the founders launched Beetle Bikes to give the option of specially curated frames for Indian children, bikes that are strong, yet not heavy and fresh looking European designs that were so far not available in India. Their passion for cycling clearly shows in the product.

Beetle as a brand is inspired by the beautiful insects, found all over Earth in all kinds of habitats. They like gardens, grain fields, ponds & lakes just like a child loves outdoors. Lady bug is pretty, colourful and loved by kids and gave us the inspiration for our “Kids Only” brand - Beetle

Important Note: Returns are not accepted on this product. Check the size carefully before ordering.